Site Solutions

IPKeys Power Partners provides solutions that are designed to meet the unique requirements of a broad range of commercial and industrial customers to enable and optimize successful demand management and demand response programs. Our services start with a site feasibility assesment to determine program eligibility, define the value, and determine the costs for any partner solutions or systems integration.  IPKeys Power Partners team includes experts in engineering, networking, systems integration, DR programs, control operations, wholesale power markets, utility rates, controls and automation and project management.

We turn-key our programs to implement recommended solutions, equipment and then to register and manage the demand response and demand management to optimize the value in reduced energy costs, increased demand response payments, and improved GHG emissions reductions.  We provide our Energy Interop Server & System™ (EISS™) system at no upfront cost to our customers – including the EISSBox for telemetry and the EISSOnline Dashboard to access important reports.  As an optional service, we can provide SCADA/EMS/BAS integration to the EISS™ system, and where there are no existing controls we can recommend automation solutions from our partner solutions.  IPKeys Power Partners has been successful in financing some or all of the cost of these projects through AutoDR incentives and Demand Response revenues.

EISS™ Online

IPKeys Power Partners provides tools that are essential to the successful implementation and optimization of a demand management/demand response program.  IPKeys Power Partners customizable EISS™Online dashboard provides secure access 24X7 to electric usage reports, event records, pricing reports, DR program and revenue reports and GHG emissions reports.

IPKeys Power Partners provides the EISS™ dashboard to our customers in conjunction with our DR Program services. Access to real time reports provides visibility into each site’s demand response performance during events and enables customers to react to that information thereby improving compliance and reducing non-performance fees. Viewing actual interval data of electric consumption reveals operational anomalies and practices that are negatively impacting electric costs.  Waste and costs are reduced while improving the environment and increasing DR earnings.  Reports are provided for individual sites and across the enterprise.

Site Feasibility Assessment

IPKeys Power Partners team of engineering experts conduct site assessments to determine eligibility for participation in demand response programs.  Programs vary by region, and our team understands the rules and requirements to develop and manage DR resources from a range of commercial and industrial customers.  From K-12 schools to wastewater treatment plants, our team is qualified to provide a detailed site survey that includes our interval data analysis combined with a site assessment conducted in person or via web conferences with key site personnel.  We review the sites operations, equipment, staffing and control systems – including HVAC, Lighting, Motors, Pumps, Chillers, Water Heaters, Compressed Air, Industrial Processes, Backup Generation, CHP, Renewable Energy, Storage and EV Charging Stations. We review existing SCADA/EMS/BAS systems to determine what equipment is controlled and what is required to integrate our signals with the existing controls systems.

The site feasibility assessment report provides a detailed review of the findings, recommends programs and DR participation levels, identifies operational benefits from the implementation of the EISS™ system and provides cost estimates for SCADA/EMS/BAS systems integration.  The site feasibility report provides the foundation for developing the value of DR programs on a site by site basis and is the first step in implementing IPKeys Power Partners’ comprehensive Demand Management/Demand Response program.

SCADA/EMS/BAS Systems Integration

IPKeys Power Partners’ team of engineering experts is qualified to assess and project manage an existing SCADA/EMS/BAS system integration with the EISS™ OpenADR 2.0b certified system for automated notifications to the customer’s portal and even supports automated participation in demand response programs using the customer’s existing controls system.

IPKeys Power Partners has experience working with a range of proprietary systems and where possible contracts with the customer’s preferred controls/SCADA provider to complete the necessary programming. We define the scope of work needed to integrate the current controls/SCADA system to our  EISS™ system and project management the completion through  successful testing of the integration solutions.

AutoDR Incentives

Rebates are available in California and New York markets for the installation of AutoDR equipment to fully automate Demand Response resources. California requires OpenADR solutions to qualify for the rebates.  IPKeys Power Partners provides its OpenADR 2.0 certified EISS™ system and EISSBox and integrates that with existing SCADA/EMS/BAS systems or develops control and automation projects to enable the fully automated Demand Response. These projects can include the installation of smart thermostats, process controllers, and control software.

IPKeys Power Partners completes the rebate applications, navigates the rebate approval process, and oversees the installation and commissioning of the equipment and solutions. Testing is completed to prove eligibility and validate DR rebate levels.  Customers must participate in a DR program for a minimum one year period to obtain the full AutoDR incentives as defined in the incentive program rules. IPKeys Power Partners may  finance the full cost of the project and be reimbursed from the rebates and its portion of the DR payments.  In most cases, the site will begin receiving DR payments in the first year of the program with no outlay of capital.