Ancillary - Reserves & Regulation

The Ancillary Services markets offer an added revenue stream available to customers even if they are already enrolled in capacity and energy programs. Currently offered in the PJM Region, by signing up for our DR Reserves or Regulation Programs, our customers’ facilities become a Demand Resource (DR) for the PJM grid operator to call on during grid emergencies or for grid stability.

The Synchronized Reserves Program is a short notice, short duration program designed to address immediate unplanned outages with a “stop gap” response. Payments are made whether or not an event is called for being an available standby resource and fees are charged for non-performance. Participating customers must have the ability to receive and acknowledge notification messages and must either have controls to automatically drop load or have at most one level of operator intervention in order to drop load. Our EISS™ system meets the notification requirements and provides the required telemetry that is capable of providing metering information at no less than a one minute scan rate around a Synchronized Reserve call event.  PJM manages this program in an hourly market that requires the placement of “bids”. Load response resources must be registered in the Economic Load Response program, indicate that they can be dispatchable by PJM in real-time and be able to be reduced within 10 minutes. Events may be for just a few minutes and typically last no more than 15 minutes. Performance is determined based on the difference between the metered usage just before the event (ten (10) minute window) and the usage during the event.  Customer sites may be aggregated in the same zone, subject to local rules.  Resources may provide a standing “bid” or self-schedule for Tier 2 Synchronized Reserve until 60 minutes before each hour. IPKPP provides access to its online bidding application to enable participation in this program. Revenues are higher in the eastern regions of PJM.

The Regulation Program is a frequency response program that reduces load in response to a dynamic regulation control signal.  Participating customers must receive and react to a dynamic regulation control signal from PJM within a five-minute response (raise or lower load within specified bandwidth).  The program requires a minimum 100KW offer. IPKeys Power Partners receives the regulation signal from PJM and using our EISS™ OpenADR 2.0b certified equipment and application, the site will automatically respond to the need for load reduction within the five minute required ramp down and ramp up rates. PJM has resource certification and testing requirements that we will follow to qualify the customer site for participation. IPKeys Power Partners has completed several regulation pilots across the USA and are qualified with PJM for participation in the program.

IPKeys Power Partners will evaluate eligibility for these programs during its site feasibility assessment and provide a revenue forecast for qualified sites.  Our qualified team registers and manages customer participation in these programs to maximize demand response revenues.