Energy & Price Responsive Demand (PRD)

By signing up for our DR Energy Program, our customers’ facilities become a Demand Resource (DR) for the grid operator or utility to call on when electric prices are highest. Payments are made only when the customer is dispatched and fees are charged for non-performance. The grid operator or utility pays IPKeys Power Partners to register and manage Demand Response resources in these energy programs and we share those payments with our customers. Performance is based on achieving the committed load drop (KW) from a calculated baseline. Prices are set by the utility or vary hourly in the wholesale market programs. Customer sites may be aggregated in the same zone, subject to local rules. Payment levels and program rules vary by region.

Available in California, PJM Region and New York Customers in CA choose to participate in the Critical Peak Pricing program (CPP, SAI, PDP) offered by its local utility. In exchange for discounted demand charges, the participants will be notified of up to 15 events on weekdays in which prices are increased significantly from 2pm to 6pm. In PJM and NY, the customer is managed to bid into the Real Time or Day Ahead energy market and, when dispatched, is paid its share of the hourly wholesale market clearing price. IPKeys Power Partners’ MyBid online bidding platform supports the bidding experience for customers in PJM and NY.

  • Events & Notificaitons

    Events may last for one hour up to four hours (CA) or more. In California the events are determined by the utility. In PJM and NY customers determine if and when they choose to offer their Demand Response into the market and may establish a minimum period of curtailment. Notification varies from several hours for Real Time markets to Day Ahead notice in Day Ahead markets. California provides “day ahead” notice.

  • Energy Payments

    Energy Revenues vary by region and are dependent of the level of participation. Any nonperformance fees are deducted from payments.

  • Shutdown Costs

    Shutdown Costs may be recovered in the PJM region.

  • Site Aggregation

    Aggregation of sites is an option in PJM only.

  • Site Aggregation

    PRD – Price Responsive Demand is a unique program in the PJM Market. IPKeys Power Partners EISS™ system has been validated by PJM to function in the PRD program, which automatically offers customer load reduction based on pre-set commitment levels when price thresholds are reached. This is an automated DR program in which the customer is obligated to reduce when wholesale market prices reach levels over a pre-set price/demand curve.