By signing up for our DR Capacity Program, our customers’ facilities become a Demand Resource (DR) for the grid operator or utility to call on when the grid is in jeopardy. Customer participation will help keep the power on and prevent blackouts in the region. Payments are made whether or not an event is called for being an available standby resource.  The grid operator or utility pays IPKeys Power Partners to register and manage an aggregated portfolio of Demand Response and we share those payments with our customers. Performance is based on either (1) achieving the committed load drop (KW) or (2) dropping usage to a fixed level (KW).  Customer sites may be aggregated in the same zone, subject to local rules.  Payment levels and program rules vary by region.

  • Availability

    Available in California, PJM Region, New York, and Texas/ERCOT. These Demand Response resources are essential in many markets to maintain grid reliability. Demand Response “call events” may be called at peak times in the summer or year-round depending on the choice of program.

  • Events & Notifications

    Events may last for several hours and for multiple days per month. Notification varies from 30 minutes notice to 2 hour notice.  California has a “day ahead” notice option.  A Test Event is required if there are no Call Events dispatched in a season. The number of events called in the past year vary by region and program from a minimum of one to up to fifteen events. California and NY had more frequent call events than PJM and Texas/Ercot.

  • Revenues

    Capacity Revenues per MW-year vary by region and range from approx $50,000 to over $150,000 per MW-year.  Customers receive their revenue share from these payments.  In no case will customers owe a payment to IPKeys Power Partners.  Any nonperformance fees are deducted from payments.

  • Energy Payments

    Energy Payments are paid in addition to Capacity payments for participation during call events.  IPKeys Power Partners provides incentives for over-performance.

  • Shutdown Costs

    Shutdown Costs may be recovered in the PJM region.

  • Site Aggregation

    Aggregation of sites is an option within the same zone.

DR Capacity levels are determined from a site assessment and validated with testing by IPKeys Power Partners prior to program registration