Auto Demand Response Programs
PKeys Power Partners provides its Energy Interop Server & System  (EISS™) OpenADR 2.0b certified AutoDR solution to empower its customers to participate in Demand Response programs that require fast response (minutes or seconds) with a semi-automated or fully automated Demand Response solution.
AutoDR provides customers with automated signals to their onsite electric controls and EMS/BAS/SCADA systems for DR event and demand management using the OpenADR standard for communication, interoperability and compliance with many utility DR programs.
AutoDR simplifies participation in Demand Response and expands the programs and payments that are available from Capacity, Energy and Ancillary Services programs.  From generator controls to full building automation,  our team is experienced in integrating a broad range of equipment and controls systems to our EISS™ system.
AutoDR Incentives are available in some states and in many cases the AutoDR system is fully funded with no out of pocket costs.
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