IPKeys Power Partners provides tools that are essential to the successful implementation and optimization of a demand management/demand response program.  IPKeys Power Partners customizable EISS Online dashboard provides secure access 24X7 to electric usage reports, event records, pricing reports, and GHG emissions reports. IPKeys Power Partners provides the EISS Online dashboard to our customers in conjunction with our DR Program services. Access to real time reports provides visibility into each site’s demand response performance during events and enables customers to react to that information thereby improving event performance. Viewing current and historical interval data of electric consumption reveals operational anomalies and practices that may be impacting electric costs.  Waste and costs are reduced while improving the environment and increasing Demand Response earnings.  Reports are provided for individual sites and can be aggregated across the enterprise.


Customizable Dashboard

Demand Response Event Reports

Emission Reports

Usage Reports

Usage Reports

Usage Reports

Real-Time Pricing Report