EISSClient Software Platform

EISSClient is a software‐only OpenADR 2.0b client, designed for use by equipment manufacturers for equipment requiring OpenADR 2.0b‐enablment. EISSClient incorporates IPKeys’ OpenADR 2.0b-certified VEN.

EISSClient is a Java based program designed to be embedded in equipment that must respond to an OpenADR 2.0b signal. It was created in Java 6 and runs with either the Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or OpenJDK. EISSClient supports TLS 1.0 security and RSA certificates in Java 6. ECC certificates are supported in Java 7.

Hardware Requirements
  • Full Java 6 Support, “Headless” is Acceptable
  • ARM 9, v5 or Greater
  • 56MB Ram, Including Java
  • 20MB Static Memory