EISSBox - OpenADR 2.0b Certified Virtual End Node

EISSBox is the client side of EISS™. IPKeys EISSBox is an OpenADR 2.0b-certified Virtual End Node (VEN) open standards based system. An EISSBox allows an OpenADR 2.0 server to interface with the existing building equipment to automatically react to Demand Response (DR) and price events.

EISSBox enables interoperability by translating and communicating from EI and OpenADR 2.0b protocols to provide control signals to a variety of devices (i.e. HVAC, solar and wind generation, pool pumps, lighting, ice storage, etc.); using a multiplicity of protocols and standards including BACnet and Modbus.

EISSBox is also an interval data logger for up to 7 meters to provide near real time telemetry.

Key Features
  • OpenADR 2.0b Certified Virtual End Node (VEN)
  • ARM 9 Version 5 Processor
  • 256M RAM
  • 512M Storage
  • RJ45 Ethernet jack, Optional Second NIC
  • Battery and Real Time Clock
  • 2 Amp Power Supply
  • Variable Rate Pulse Counter for Meter Reads
  • Supports Modbus/IP and “Dry Contact” Signals to Building Equipment

Download the EISSBox Finder Mini-App by clicking on the icon on the left.

Data Logging / Telemetry Endpoint

EISSBox is a rapidly deployable measurement and verification solution to enable demand aggregators and energy service providers to monitor their customers’ energy consumption in real time. When deployed as a telemetry solution, it sends and receives meter data over the Internet to an IPKeys EISS™ server. There is no additional charge for data.

What is an EISSBox Data Logger?

An EISSBox Data Logger is an energy services interface / telemetry device located at a customer facility. Meter data is logged to an IPKeys EISS™ server. The EISS™ server offers the following functionality:

  • Able to Store Data and Dynamically Export it to Legacy Systems
  • Telemetry Sampling Rates as Fast as One Reading Every 4 Seconds with Once Per Minute Uploads Satisfy Even the Most Demanding Energy Market Requirement
  • Variable Metering Resolution, the EISSBox Can Shift From Low Rate to High Rate During Demand Response (DR) events.
  • The Data Logger Delivers High Resolution Energy Consumption Details for the Periods Requiring Them and Less Data Outside Event Windows – Thus Avoiding the Big (Useless) Data Trap
  • Automatic SMS Text and Email Notifications for Demand Response, Market Calls to Perform, Price Threshold and Block and Index Load Sheds.
Key Features
  • Variable Rate Pulse Counter for Meter Reads
  • OpenADR 2.0b Certified Virtual End Node (VEN)
  • Up to 7 Pulse or CT Meter Connections Per EISSBox
  • Eligible for California TA/TI Program Reimbursement for AutoDR Programs
  • Wired Ethernet, WI-FI or Cellular Options Available
  • Both Local and “Over the Wire” Configuration Management Options are Available
  • Devices Have Automatic Over the Wire Software Updates (No More USB Sticks)
  • Automatic Data Import / Export Options with Existing Systems are Available to Offer You Previously Unheard of Flexibility