Environmental Commitment & Sustainability
Now, more than ever, we have a responsibility to produce and deliver energy solutions to our customers that are reliable, affordable, and clean. That’s where sustainability comes in. It’s more than a word at IPKeys Power Partners – it’s the key to our success in the 21st century.
Our solutions reduce the use of fossil fuel based electric generation and avoid the need to build new power plants.  We provide sustainable demand response resources to the power grid as a green energy solution. 
The decisions we make today that affect our “triple bottom line” – people, the planet and profits – will determine our long-term prospects as a company. We see promising signs in our performance, and are committed to continue these efforts.
GHG Emissions Reductions
Reducing the carbon footprint is a goal supported by IPKeys Power Partners.  Our Demand Response solutions reduce the demand for electricity – thereby reducing the Green House Gas emissions that are derived from traditional power generation. 
Energy Efficiency
With IPKeys Power Partners is active in bringing Energy Efficiency resources to the PJM markets, obtaining an additional revenue stream for our clients’ Energy Efficiency projects that permanently reduce peak demand.