IPKeys Power Partners is a leader in providing demand response, demand management and technology to optimize energy management programs.  Our EISSBox and EISSTM system links to a facility’s utility meter to record and report real time electric usage.  This data establishes the foundation for an energy management program by providing insight into the site’s electric consumption and enables analysis of demand management and demand response strategies that will support conservation, reduce electric costs and support demand response payments in eligible markets. Information is accessed through our secure customizable dashboard that provides real time usage, key statistical reports, GHG emissions reports, real time pricing and rate reports, and demand response event reports for facilities individually and across an enterprise.

The EISSBox can also provide signals to your electric consuming, producing or storage equipment (HVAC, motors, lighting, air compressors, VFD’s, process, back up generators, CHP, renewables, storage systems, electric vehicle charging stations) with integration into a facility’s SCADA/EMS/BAS system to optimize the electric consumption and manage assets to manage demand charges, reduce electric usage during high price periods, and enable participation in a broad range of demand response programs.  Our expert team will turn-key the installation and integration of the EISSTM solutions and assist in the analysis and implementation of demand response programs and demand management strategies. These solutions are key to the implementation and optimization of an energy management program.