Dynamic Pricing

IPKeys Power Partners demand response and demand management solutions enable customers to take advantage of dynamic pricing to increase demand response revenues and reduce energy costs.  Dynamic pricing strategies use the real time or day ahead hourly electric rates.

Customers that participate as a demand response resource in the energy market are able to receive payments for their load reductions based on the fluctuating hourly wholesale electric prices.  Our customers are able to establish a “trigger” price that sets a threshold price at which they will reduce load in a price-responsive demand response program.  IPKeys Power Partners also provides high price alerts to advise customers of opportunities to bid their Demand Response into the energy markets as they desire.  Real time energy price feeds are provided in our secure customizable dashboard.

Customers can also reduce their electric bills by (1) enrolling in their utility’s Time-of-Use (TOU) rates,  Real-Time Pricing (RTP) rates, or Critical Peak Pricing rates and (2) buying their electricity using a real time hourly price or “block and index” price in deregulated markets.  Most consumers purchase electricty in deregulated markets on a fixed rate. By combining a real time pricing strategy with price responsive demand (demand reductions when prices are highest), our customers are able to lower their overall cost of electricity.