Energy Management

IPKeys Power Partners provides important energy management solutions to increase operating efficiency, reduce costs and generate revenues for our customers.  Our demand response and demand management strategies enable customers to maximize their demand response program participation and reduce energy costs.  We provide detailed site assessments to determine the regional and utility demand response programs and utility rates that will meet the unique profiles of each facility.  We leverage our knowledge and experience in the C&I sectors to support best practices and program enhancements for those customers that have already started a demand response program and want to improve it.  Using technology to enable and enhance performance, we turn key the installation and/or integration of controls solutions, building automation systems and SCADA systems to provide the tools that will not only support demand response but provide significant additional energy management benefits in reduced electric usage and demand charges.

Tracking and monitoring the electric consumption and demand at your facilities is an important component of an energy management program.  IPKeys Power Partners provides a secure customizable dashboard that provides interval data usage reports, statistics, GHG emissions reports, rates, event information and real time pricing reports. Multiple sites across the enterprise can now be viewed from one application and reports can be easily downloaded.