Sales Channel Partners

IPKeys Power Partners is a leading demand response services and technology provider serving customers across the United States and globally.

“Gain a competitive edge by adding demand response to your product portfolio”

“Earn a commission or referral fee by partnering with IPKeys Power Partners”

“Expand your business and revenue by joining IPKeys Power Partners in the Demand Response industry”

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Sales Agents and Channel Partners

Offer Demand Response solutions and services to the marketplace by joining IPKeys Power Partners’ team of qualified channel partners and sales agents.  If you are an individual or company that provides services to the C&I markets – especially in the following categories: K-12 schools, colleges, water/wastewater, commercial real estate, retail, manufacturing/industrial, transportation, DoD – you can expand your services to include Demand Response programs.  We provide training, materials, and sales support to facilitate an effective process to generate significant value to you and your contacts.  Benefits include generating new revenues for you and clients while expanding your service offerings in the important energy services sector.

Technology Partners:

We provide an Open ADR 2.0b certified AutoDR solution that enables fast demand response with multiple participation levels, price response, opt in/opt out and “set and forget” functions. Our commitment to open standards based solutions allows communication seamlessly with other OpenADR 2.0b certified solutions.  Please contact us to discuss partnering with interoperable solutions or for more information about an EISSTM AutoDR technology license agreement.

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