Our mission is to deliver “win-win” solutions for all stakeholders that lead to a more efficient and sustainable environment for today’s and future generations. From enabling Utilities seeking to improve grid reliability to educating and empowering consumers to realize economic and environmental gains through demand and price response programs, IPKeys Power Partners is committed to make a lasting difference with our unique and synergistic combination of proven and secure open standards technology with established demand aggregation programs and customer service.

IPKeys Power Partners will:

  • Deliver an outstanding client experience throughout every phase of interaction with the utmost satisfaction
  • Maximize Demand Response value for every customer
  • Provide Best In Class technology to enable customer participation in every Demand Response program
  • Recognize our employees as our most important resource to meet every objective
  • Promote diversity, stewardship, innovation and quality every day

IPKeys Power Partners is a leading provider of Demand Response resources across the United States. We enable utilities to implement Demand Response programs while empowering our commercial and industrial customers to earn significant recurring revenues and environmental benefits by participating in a range of Demand Response programs including Capacity, Energy, Reserves and AutoDR programs. We equip our customers to operate more efficiently.

Our Demand Response solutions include our Energy Interop Server and System (“EISSTM”) advanced metering and OpenADR 2.0b certified AutoDR with web-based reporting tools for all our customers. Our technology demonstrates our commitment to the open standards approach that allows interoperability with other open standards based solutions. IPKeys Power Partners provides engineering audits, automation, and controls for customers who want to automate their demand response.


IPKeys Power Partners is a wholly owned subsidiary of IPKeys Technologies, LLC with over 225 employees in its offices in New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and California. We leverage the parent company’s extensive background in providing cybersecurity, networking, and secure applications,  design and implementation.  Through the acquisition of a leading Demand Response firm, our team has been providing Demand Response services since 2007.  We are a registered DR Aggregator & Curtailment Service Provider with the NYISP, PJM, ERCOT/Texas and California.  We operate a 24X7 control center to support our DR event management and monitoring.  Our EISSTM Auto DR enabling solutions provide customizable dashboards, automated notifications and can be integrated with new or existing SCADA/controls systems to provide semi-automated or fully automated Demand Response.  Our qualified team of experts conduct site assessments, turn key systems integration, complete registrations and manage our customers’ Demand Response resources to maximize their earnings and GHG reductions in capacity, energy and ancillary services programs.